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Leading manufacturer ofPaint Mixing Machines

Welcome to the end-user shop for TECMEC products, the first manufacturer of mixing systems and agitators with ATEX components, for the world of colour.

Our Products

We design and manufacture dispensing and mixing systems for the world of color since 1978. TECMEC has become a leader in the world of Car Refinish by working with the world’s leading paint manufacturers, later expanding its product range into the industrial, wood and construction markets.

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Systems for the storage of paints, without agitation, with the possibility of heating.

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Accessory benches to support the production process.

Tecmec Prodotti Coperchi Icona.png


Accessories for mixing and dosing paint.

Tecmec Prodotti Dispenser Icona.png


Accessories for dosing paint.

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Mixing machines

Paint storage systems with stirring mechanism.

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Gyroscopic paint mixing systems.

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Systems for filling preloaded cans.

ATEX Systems

Systems assembled using explosion-proof components, for installation in areas with danger of explosion.

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TECMEC develops and manufactures products according to customer’s specif requirements, in addition to its catalog products.